About Us

MapJam is a web and mobile map publishing platform that allows businesses, organizations, and people to create useful, personalized maps that are easy to share.

MapJam goes beyond addresses to help customers and clients save time by helping them find the free visitor parking lot, the right mall entrance, a coffee shop for a meeting, a stall at a busy market, or even the right street where several of the same name exist in cities and suburbs (e.g., Boston.)

Organizations can help members find a gathering place, a concert, a fundraiser, or the right sports playing field for a practice or away game.

People can find the places and people they love.

Meet Our Team

Jack Gonzalez
Co-Founder and Co-CEO
Time-Life, Lend-Lease, IMP
Scollay Petry
Co-Founder and Co-CEO
AOL, Booz Allen, OtherLevels
Huw Griffiths
Co-Founder and Director
Google, Suncorp, Dell, Nectar
Vincent Stark
Senior Software Engineer
Xiveti, Dvorik.ca, FillMyFridge, Vidrack, BlackBerry, Espial
Annie Cerrato
Senior Software Engineer
Bob Axford
Senior Engineering Consultant
FigJam IT, OtherLevels, Timely, Guvera, Miessence
Jeff Tidwell
Marketing & Product
Twitter, E*TRADE, WebMD, Frito-Lay, Proctor & Gamble
Bryan Burdick
LinkedIn, Bizo, ZoomInfo
Steve Coast
Founder - OpenStreetMap, Microsoft, Telenav
Brett Red
Tapulous, Wee Ship.co, Solv.tv, Fjord, JP Morgan Chase, Disney Mobile
Nate Ferrero
Technical Advisor
Gaikai (a division of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.), Shift.com, Momentum OS
Hans Chung
Cardinal Blue Software (PicCollage), SnapUp, Appington, Mokugift
Mathew Fagan
Marketing Advisor
ANZ, HomeAway, Webjet, Art Series Hotel Group
Jonathan Bulkeley
Blue Square Capital Management, AOL, Bank of America, Jones Lang LaSalle, Spark Networks
Bo Larsson
Sony Ericsson, ScanView, Emuzed, Firetide